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Once again, Mandriva will take part in the RMLL, to talk about the upcoming distribution and our projects, and to strengthen links with our community.

This time, it's not a paperboard packaging joke, it's for real: we'll come in Nancy with our mightiest elements, from all over the world, such as:

  • a communication girls team
  • maybe a giant Tux plush
  • a bunch of One CD-Roms
  • our mkcd author
  • the Nepomuk and EDOS team(s)
  • our CTO
  • corporate experts
  • our "modularize it" Xorg hacker
  • a KDE hacker
  • a Pulse developper (yes, Pulse does exists)

And, you all dreamed about it, kernel hackers will be there!

So, let's join the community and our events (see wiki) in Nancy!

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