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Once again, Mandriva will take part in the RMLL, to talk about the upcoming distribution and our projects, and to strengthen links with our community.

This time, it's not a paperboard packaging joke, it's for real: we'll come in Nancy with our mightiest elements, from all over the world, such as:

  • a communication girls team
  • maybe a giant Tux plush
  • a bunch of One CD-Roms
  • our mkcd author
  • the Nepomuk and EDOS team(s)
  • our CTO
  • corporate experts
  • our "modularize it" Xorg hacker
  • a KDE hacker
  • a Pulse developper (yes, Pulse does exists)

And, you all dreamed about it, kernel hackers will be there!

So, let's join the community and our events (see wiki) in Nancy!

Finally, I'm not sure I'll go to the RMLL this year. I'm very excited about the european packaging summit that will occur in Amsterdam, starting on July 4th.

I received both snail mail and e-mail invitations to "Meet the experts at Packaging Summit Europe", they really want me in!

Just have a look at this:

  • This two-day conference will address topics such as packaging innovation, design, shelf ready products and outsourcing. Alongside the conference is the exhibition which will showcase top suppliers, the likes of Tetra Pak, Band'All International and SCA Packaging.
  • Tetra Pak Nederland, will demonstrate the benefits of carton packaging

Unfortunately, we don't build "packages en carton" (crappy packages), as pterjan notified me.

Furthermore, there will be a "Networking Reception", that is to say "the chance to network with key professionals including: Nestle, Tesco and Unilever". Maybe I'll be able to tell them about the great network power that we put in drakconnect.

By the way, I'm a bit jealous of Gwenole's packaging manager title, while they just consider me as a classical packager...

Well, see and join us, "it can't be all work and no play!" as they say ;-)

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