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Quite unsavory, the environment is nicely set and the theme could have been promising, but the story is plain straight and extremly easy.

Could have a been a decent TV series episode, but probably not what one expects from The X-Files (it could have been fine in Without a Trace or 1-800-Missing).

Curiously, Xzibit (host of the Pimp my Ride show) perfectly fits in his FBI agent character.

(spoil possibly follows)

Scully goes find Mulder in his reclusive live, to help the FBI solve a non-X file, just because a psych is involved. And since Mulder is the only stubborn being on earth, he almost succeeds in solving the case, mostly by following the primary lead, how surprising. Too bad he's so clumsy at tailing and catching the bad guys. Fortunately for him, Scully starts to believe right at the suitable time...

The only "supernatural" substance is the poor pedophile priest which happens to have visions, but a psychic may appear in pretty much all sorts of productions nowadays, nothing very fancy.

And too bad the scientific themes (stem cells and body transplant) are so superficial, it's not even close to Grey's Anatomy...


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