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/blog/movies Idiocracy Tue, 08 Jan 2008

Idiocracy is such a quirky movie that I could sit right next to the classics of our workplace in Aboukir (such as Came Along Polly and Flash Gordon). Idiocracy

It pictures our world 500 years in the future, where almost no more intelligence is to be found. Joe Bauers (the main character, played by Luke Wilson, brother of Owen Wilson) wakes up in this totally silly epoch, after being cryopreserved.

This movie emphasises the idiosyncrasy of our time, by making TV reality and other ill-reflected shows the main motive of the society, the president of the USA being a champion wrestler. It also pushes the consumer society to its climax, with the overbranded Brawndo being the only drink on the market (even replacing the so passe water).

This future population also became quite crude, where popular shows are Ow, my balls! and Rehabilation competitions made of giant phallic trucks, and where STAR8UCK5 offers massage together with a latte...

But to be straight, all these inanities are extremly funny, and masterfully depicted in Idiocracy :-)

Actually, this world is not so far away, since STAR8UCK5 T-shirts are available (vintagecotton), and the famous Brawndo drink is now available for real, with electrolytes!

In the movie, President Camacho is actually named Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, maybe as reference to the Mountain Dew drink, which looks like a cheap kind of Brawndo :-p

It may not be worth watchnig thrice in a row, but my DVD is available, for users that don't have a TV perso service ;-)


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