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I've killed the old cardmgr daemon in the stage1 part of the installer, but we still need something to replace the resource allocation made by old cardmgr.

Some PCMCIA controllers (including yenta_socket) require to setup a dynamic resource database for non statically mapped PCMCIA sockets.

This required to do the following in stage1:

  • mount sysfs in stage1
  • allocate socket resources: I've used the startup.c code of pcmcia-socket-startup from pcmciautils-013)
  • add /etc/pcmcia/config.opts and its parser (I actually removed our previous code and update to the one from pcmciautils-013)
  • include a minimal sysfs library (ripped from sysfsutils-2.0.0)

I've successfully tested this new PCMCIA socket support with a PCMCIA CD-Rom drive using the ide-cs module. Quite nice, given that I couldn't make it work with the 2006.0 stage1...

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