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Next Thursday, Mandriva is organizing a party in Paris, mostly about Mandriva and free software, together with Libre en fete.

For example, we will play the DDR game StepMania, demo the 3D creation suite blender (that will remind me very old souvenirs), and show a lot of free-software releated videos.

Of course, it wouldn't really be a Mandriva event if it wasn't totally open, so you will be able to enjoy an open-bar (no kidding!), as well as a nice buffet.

It's taking place at the Jet Lag, a nice restaurant in the very center of Paris, and it's 25 euros for the whole party (open drinks + meal + total fun). And we will have the whole restaurant for us \o/

Hurry up, it's March 22, next week!

Please see LibreEnFete on Club for more info about the party and subscription details. And thanks Emilie for the organization :-)

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