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While syncing our initscripts source code with the RedHat 8.60 version, I experienced a weird unsupported special file type error message with the svn merge command:

$ svn merge \
    svn+ssh:// \
U    sysconfig.txt
svn: In directory '.'
svn: '.svn/tmp/tempfile.10.tmp' has unsupported special file type '2007-05-15'
$ head -n 1 .svn/tmp/tempfile.10.tmp
2007-05-15  Bill Nottingham  <>

It was actually trying to merge the ChangeLog file from the RedHat branch with the ChangeLog symlink in our checkout, which does not work (upstream bugs 2472 and 2692). Still, the error message could probably be improved, not to specify the file content as file type :-)

As a side note, I have also removed a workaround in our network-up service, which was unconditionally waiting (and blocking boot) at least 6 seconds. This was added because the link beat reported by some network drivers could not be trusted during a short period right after the module loading (#18986 and #31864), but we'd better fix the drivers if possible.

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