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Recently, I needed to read HTML mail messages, but my gnus mailer doesn't make the task easy. By default, HTML is roughly rendered, so I tried to find a more adapted solution.

emacs-w3 looked like a good candidate. It's a known web browser for emacs, but inline images weren't drawable, even after I updated our package to the latest development version. Well, I hasn't been modified in years, so better move on (and out of this obsolete browser).

That's why I packaged emacs-w3m in contrib. It's quite good at web browsing, even if I haven't managed to display images inline by default in gnus. It works fine in standalone emacs-w3m though, by configuring the proper variables

Maybe it will work by enabling mime-w3m, but it requires the FLIM library, which isn't packaged in Mandriva yet. So, I'll just stick at the manual way to toggle images displaying for now...

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