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Yesterday, Second Life has been released as open-source. If by any chance you were on a desert island last year, Second Life is an online giant 3-D virtual world created and extended by its residents. This world even has its own money, the Linden dollar.

After a lot of fighting with the source code, I have finally managed to build a usable secondlife package for Mandriva Cooker \o/

The code looks quite nicely organized, the main problems I encountered were gcc 4.1 and x86_64 build errors. My patches, even if simple, require quite some time to do since the source code is really huge /o\. They should soon be merged upstream soon, I just have to sign some contributor agreement form to give them copyright.

The games starts fine, but unfortunately, it is really slow. The openjpeg JPEG200 decoder throws out a lot of errors, maybe I'll give a try to some SVN snapshot.

The "open source" flying and teleporting fun will have to wait, for blino Nakamura.

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