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OpenArena version 0.7.0 is now available in cooker, with a bunch of new maps and models \o/

Ok, there was some initial flounderings in the packaging, because files were moved from the openarena package to the new openarena-data package and a directory was replaced by a symlink to make it smooth. But rpm failed to do the upgrade with a "cpio failed" error (#31885), it can't upgrade a directory to a symlink. This pointed out a small bug in urpmi, it exits with success code and removes the rpm file from cache if cpio fails (#31907).

A "tiny" hack (rpm-devel discussion) in a %pretrans scriptlet allows to workaround the directory to symlink conversion, by doing it "Ó la main"(!) before rpm extracts the new package:

if [ -d %{gamelibdir}/baseoa ]; then
   mv %{gamelibdir}/baseoa{,.rpmsave}
   ln -s baseoa.rpmsave %{gamelibdir}/baseoa

And now, just come hurt me plenty!

JosÚ wrote at 2007-07-18 08:41:

Could you backport it please? (If the hack works on 2007.x I mean)

yoho wrote at 2007-07-18 20:32:

Yes ! please backport ! (and anyone interested, please vote here :

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