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To bring more fun in the Club, a new live system is available: a Mandriva gaming release with the greatests games from Mandriva repositories, with only free software games!

It includes excellent 3D first person shooters, such as OpenArena and Nexuiz, real-time startegy games (Battle For Wesnoth, Glest), and of course, the best of enhanced classics: Frozen Bubble with a network mode. If you are more into racing, don't forget to try Torcs and Vdrift, or the arcade games ManiaDrive and X-Moto.

Of course, the reference FlightGear simulator will allow you to perfect your pilot skills. For (yellow) submarines fanatics who prefer manoeuvring U-Boats, even the Danger Deep submarine simulator is included.

The youngest Club members will appreciate the fun yet educative programs in the GCompris suite, and the Ri-Li train game.

Dancers won't miss the StepMania DDR simulator, it can even use console games pads (using an USB adapter), and it's bundled with a free songs pack :-)

Technically speaking, this live system is a 3.2G DVD for the i586 platform (it will run fine on x86_64 systems as well). It's based on Mandriva One 2007.0, so it can be installed to hard disk using the "live install" feature. It also includes the 3D desktops technologies (AIGLX and Xgl), but it's better not to activate them when running 3D-intensive games.

Here's the complete list of the games included on this live DVD:

To have a more general look into games status in Mandriva, please have at the games selection on the brand new Mandriva wiki.

Enjoy \o/

(official announce on Mandriva Club)

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