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This week-end, I've finally found time to finish the StepMania package we're all waiting at Mandriva.

It's a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) simulation game that really feels like the arcade versions, we even use it for our internal competitions at Mandriva :-p

The initial package has been created by Nicolas Chipaux (our IS Team rox!), and tested by our QA Team (yes, they do test something sometimes). The hardest work was to make the game use user home directories to find songs and write settings (and also to solve some ffmpeg breakage).

To play, just urpmi stepmania in your cooker box, and have fun!

We didn't include any songs in the package, since most are commercial hits. So, you'll have to add songs in ~/StepMania/Songs as user, or /usr/share/StepMania/Songs as root.

Following is my changelog.

stepmania package

  • Patch2: fix build for changes introduced in ffmpeg 4629 and 4754
  • Patch3: search files in home directory (~/StepMania/ for data, ~/.StepMania/ for settings)
  • Patch4: search files and libraries in package directories
  • install GtkModule in pkglibdir
  • remove wrapper script since binary looks for data in pkgdatadir
  • move soundwrapper for wrapper to menu entry
  • lowercase package name
  • mkrel
  • apply patches unconditionnally
  • remove hardcoded requires
  • require stepmania-data
  • BuildRequires gtk2-devel
  • fix BuildRequires (remove lib prefix)
  • install binary in _gamesbindir and data in _gamesdatadir
  • use makeinstall_std
  • fix rpm and menu groups
  • enable mp3 by default (and allow to build without)

stepmania-data package

  • lowercase package name
  • mkrel please
  • MIT License
  • remove world-writable directories and files
  • install in gamesdatadir

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