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So, yet another Mandriva Flash version \o/

This time, we've build one for GUADEC 2007, where Mandriva offers 2GB Flash USB keys to GNOME developers. And like for aKademy, it's quite a neat key, with a lot of new things.

First, it runs GNOME (it's the first Mandriva Flash with a non-KDE desktop ever), we obviously don't want to mess with excited GNOME developers discovering a KDE desktop :-p The full distribution is customized with a special GUADEC theme, and the USB keys are tagged with a GUADEC logo (keep them safe, they're collector!).

Besides some videos/demos/code/tools (svn) from GUADEC sponsors, this Flash edition contains some special apps, such as the gstreamer-enabled version of totem, and Fluendo's Elisa media center.

Oh, and it's also the first Mandriva Flash version running 2007 Spring, our latest distribution (non-GNOME users, don't worry, a classical Flash 2007 Spring version is on its way).

We already have some nice posts about Flash on Planet GNOME, I hope everyone enjoys it, between some patches/beer reviews :-p

Thanks to Bastien for taking care of the project on the GNOME side, and to fcrozat for the Mandriva part! (but did you really need to test it that much? I'm totally burnt-out now!)

Happy GUADEC meeting GNOME guys and gals! (and hi fcrozat, pterjan, Sara \o/)

jza wrote at 2007-07-19 16:53:

I use Gnome a lot with Mandriva and is great. I actually prefer the trimness of XFCE4. But Gnome is actually what I am using right now. However I have issues with the Mandriva Gnome on mounting ssh server folders.

ReinoutS wrote at 2007-07-19 17:01:

I'm there too! o/

Unfortunately my laptop doesn't boot from usb devices );

ReinoutS wrote at 2007-07-19 17:04:

@jza: ssh mounting works for me (Locations > Connect to server > SSH).

Also, have you tried sshfs-fuse?

peroyvind wrote at 2007-07-20 02:50:

hmm, how come that Mandriva never sponsor their own community with any of such?

Oh yeah.. It doesn't give PR.. *grin*

Sara wrote at 2007-07-20 18:01:

Hey Blino!

Missing you here. See you at next Guadec :)

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