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Going to Brittany for a few days:

  • Rennes (and taking a break in the very nice "crêperie", La Gavotte)
  • Combourg castle
  • Jardin de Granet, Lanhélin
  • stones alley (allé couverte) "Maison des fées" in Tressé, forêt du Mesnil
  • abbey in Le Tronchet
  • Saint-Malo, with a very interesting commented visit of the corsair house, 5 rue d'Asfeld, and its big aquarium
  • Dinan
  • picnic on the Rance banks
  • Plouër-sur-Rance marina
  • Pointe du grouin
  • Mont Dol
  • Dol-de-Bretagne cathedral
  • Menhir du champ dolent

Visiting San Francisco after the Linux Collaboration Summit


A 4-days week-end to Milano and Roma, thanks to low-cost flights.


Manbo Labs was at the IDF Taipei 2008 (Intel Developer Forum). Some pictures of the forum, the town, and of the night market.


A one-day trip in Lille (just 1h away from Paris with the TGV): lot of churches and nice old-style buildings, and a visit in a (free) zoo, with a red panda (firefox)!


My first trip in Brazil, 3 days in Porto Alegre, and 3 weeks in Curitiba.


My first time skiing, in Sommand, near Genève.


Surstromming party, starring Vlad the can warrior.

Mardi Gras party, with Vlad and Mini as guest stars.

Mardi Gras with friends.

/photos/vlad Vlad in Larchamp Tue, 21 Feb 2006

Vlad's first holidays in Larchamp

My first roller competition, in the mythical racetrack of Le Mans.

Vlad's moving in my little studio, in Paris.

/photos/trips/Madrid Madrid Mon, 31 Oct 2005

Trip to Madrid, and sub-trips to Toledo and Segovia. Thanks to Ioana for the warm welcome!

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